Personal Injury

On the defense side, Steve has represented clients in matters involving catastrophic events. These have ranged from deaths at a Beaumont refinery to aircraft crashes in Florida and North Carolina, just to name a few. He has also successfully defended a large pharmaceutical distributor from claims throughout Texas for allegedly distributing defective drugs.

On the plaintiff’s side, Steve‚Äôs practice is divided into two parts. The first has been representing families who have suffered injuries or death as a result of car accidents, truck collisions and medical malpractice. The other aspect has been federal civil rights claims. These have included deaths or injury due to action or inaction of police officers and/or jailers. In his career, Steve has also successfully represented several families who have lost family members due to inadequate medical care at correctional facilities. Additionally, he represented four families with their federal claims arising out of the 1999 Texas A&M bonfire collapse.


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