Commercial Litigation

Steve DeWolf has enjoyed a rich and varied commercial litigation practice both at his previous firm and currently at DeWolf Law.

Steve has represented individuals and governmental entities in prosecuting a variety of claims against directors and officers of financial institutions and other companies. He has also defended officers in large director and officer cases. This experience gives DeWolf Law a unique perspective on the pressure points in this type of litigation.

Business disputes between partners have also proven to be a large part of Steve’s practice. He recently represented a partner in a case against a prominent Dallas businessman who was teetering toward bankruptcy. In that matter, He was able to secure a multi-million dollar settlement for the client.

Steve has often been asked to represent companies or individuals in breach of contract claims. These claims have been in various industries, including real estate and oil and gas. For example, a few years ago, he secured a $1.9 million arbitration award for a client against a publicly held company on a breach of contract claim.

Additionally, on occasion, Steve has been asked to help clients negotiate with insurers regarding claims. Insurers have also asked him to represent their insureds in litigation.


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