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Steve DeWolf and his team at DeWolf Law are passionate about representing individuals and companies that have been wronged. The firm carefully evaluates each case in order to maintain open and honest communication with clients. We candidly assess each matter’s strengths and weaknesses. If we can resolve a case early, we do. If not, we believe in aggressively preparing for trial.

Our firm has been fortunate to receive many referrals from other lawyers. These referrals sometimes come our way because of a conflict of interest on the part of current counsel. In other instances, they need our team’s expertise. In either event, we scrupulously work to preserve the referring lawyer’s relationship with their client.

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    At DeWolf Law, we are passionate about representing clients who have been wronged. Whether your case is on behalf of an individual or a company, we want you to know that our firm will vigorously represent you, and work to get the best outcome…. read more

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